Stober Community Garden

In 2022, we opened up our plots for our first year of gardening, and it was a smash success!

We had over 60 gardeners become a part of our community and these beds yielded a bounty of produce for the gardeners, students, and even local food banks.

We would love to have you join us for Summer 2023. Sign up for your plot now!

Thank you, Applewood, for helping us make this garden vision a reality for our community!

Getting Involved

All community members are welcome to be a part of the Stober Community Garden as a gardener, a volunteer, or even as a guest at our community-wide events!

Consider these ideas below of how you might get involved:

  1. Sign up on the first-come, first-served waitlist for a plot! There are 25 plots available for community members, including wheelchair-friendly raised beds and our school-use beds.
  2. Volunteer with us! We are currently looking for help with event support, web and photography support, or help during our occasional work days.
  3. Buy a brick! By purchasing a brick or making a donation to our garden, you can help to keep plots more accessible and help us make sure this is a beautiful space for years to come.
  4. Shop at our Stober Garden Store! By shopping here, you’re supporting our garden and our upcoming outdoor classroom.
  5. Spread the word! Let your neighbors know this is a great way to meet people and get involved in the community.
Schools are where communities are centered,
where the future is grown,
and where we all learn.

What the garden does for our neighborhood

Provides a beautiful space where students spend time outdoors getting fresh air and learning to garden!

Helps students dig their hands and minds into their lessons about nutrition, geology, math, weather, and more!

Brings neighbors together in a safe, nourishing community space.

Stober Community Garden in Numbers


students each year step foot in the garden


garden beds are lovingly tended to


gardeners in our initial year learned and grew together.


opportunities for learning about the earth, improving our nutrition, and connecting with community.

Make a donation to the garden here!!

What our community is saying:

Expose kids to hands-on science, get them outside and teach them where food comes from!

As a member of the Stober PTA and parent of a second grader, I’m thrilled about the forthcoming community garden at Stober Elementary School.  I love that it will expose kids to hands-on science, get them outside and teach them where food comes from!

Sara Ewing
Stober Parent, Member of Stober PTA,
Applewood Resident

[It’s] for folks of all ages to be outdoors, get their hands in the soil, and connect”

“A community garden attached to the neighborhood school provides a space for folks of all ages to be outdoors, get their hands in the soil, and connect with others they might not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. I look forward to this addition to our lovely community.”

Dianna Cooper-Ribner
Neighbors of Stober Elementary
Applewood Resident

“We can promote lifelong curiosity in our youth”

“Having a garden at Stober will foster the hands-on learning, collaboration, and civic engagement that we value so much. By taking learning outside of our brick-and-mortar building, we can promote lifelong curiosity in our youth.” 

Robbie Stone
1st Grade Teacher
Stober Elementary